maandag 21 juli 2014

This & That [3]

On Mondays I like to share a little bit of this & that. Things that make me wonder, photos to marvel at and pictures to stare at and dream away. Always topped of with some words, be it of wisdom or some strange pun. Today is no different.

Illustration I discovered Steve Simpson's Facebook page by the magic of the "You might also be interested in these pages"-suggestions of Facebook. Steve makes pretty awesome illustrations that make me wish I could do nothing all day but draw and he shares pretty cool stuff (like sketchbook pages, which is an instant win for me!). Currently he is one of 7 illustrators who take part in #OnTheDraw, a project in which the illustrators draw their stay at Gran Canary. I love the drawings he has made this far on his journey.

Steve Simpsons drawings for #OnTheDraw Steve Simpsons drawings for #OnTheDraw Steve Simpsons drawings for #OnTheDraw Steve Simpsons drawings for #OnTheDraw Image Source: Steve Simpson Illustration

Photography I love the serenity in these pictures of Indian holy men. They make me want to go meditate by a misty lake early in the moring.

India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men India's holy men Image Source: Bored Panda

Studio How neat are these pictures of the work spaces of famous artists? I feel like you either are a very organised or a very disorganised artist, there seems to be no in between. I think I would feel best at home in the studios of Eames, Miro, Yoshitomo Nara, Bacon or Picasso.

Ray Eames workspace The Workspace of Joan Miro The Workspace of Yoshitomo Nara The Workspace of Francis Bacon The Workspace of Pablo Picasso Image Source: Thinking Humanity

Nature If you're no fan of the flying bug department, you might want to scroll on quickly. Otherwise take your time to marvel at the absolute beauty of the Sino-Korean Owl Moth's caterpillar (Brahmaea certhia for the entomology geeks)! It's so otherworldly. I can also appreciate the moth itself although it's less spectacular.

Caterpillar of the Sino-Korean Owl Moth The Sino-Korean Owl Moth

Graphic Design Maria Mordvintseva made some wonderful packaging as part of a school assignment to bring social awareness to overpopulation in animal shelters. I really like the assignment and what she did with it.

Image Source: The Dieline


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  1. Leuke reeks! Dat van die asieldieren vind ik wel geweldig. Misschien iets minder ideaal om een hond aan te schaffen zonder hem ooit ontmoet te hebben maar wel zeer creatief om het onder de aandacht te brengen.

    1. Ik denk ook niet dat je het dier op de verpakking koopt, ik denk eerder dat je "een hond" koopt en dat je daarna naar het asiel gaat en er eentje kiest. Ook nog niet optimaal, want een goed gesprek voor de aanschaf van een dier lijkt mij wel belangrijk, maar inderdaad wel een goeie manier om asieldieren onder aandacht te brengen.


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