vrijdag 27 maart 2015

27 in 27 - update

It's been two months since I had my birthday and I started working on my 27 in 27 list. High time to give you guys a little update! I made some progress with a couple of things (mainly reading and buying books) and I've even managed to finish two of the challenges on the list!

Do the 50 book challenge: 15/50

I've read 15 books these past few months. I've put them in a little list below and added some hearts as a quick rating system. Some of them I have reviewed, some of them I really would like to review here, but I'm unsure if and when that will happen. For most of these books I did write a short review on Goodreads and I've added the links to those reviews to the list below. I you like, you can follow my reviews by following (or befriending) my Goodreads profile.

Buy a book in a local/independent bookstore every month

I really like this challenge! It gives me an extra reason to look for new (to me) independent bookshops in Ghent!

The first book I bought was Les Contes de Beedle le Barde (The Tales of Beedle the Bard) by J.K. Rowling. I bought it in french, because I've been wanting to read a french book for ages, but I didn't know what level I can handle. So, I thought reading a children's book was a good idea. I bought it in Limerick, a lovely indy bookshop not far from Ghent-Sint-Pieters train station. So if you missed your train and you have an hour to spare, you should pay it a visit. They have a wide collection Dutch & English books, both fiction and non-fiction and they even had a book case with Swedish books!

The second book I bought was "Joe Speedboot" by Tommy Wieringa at the Paard van Troje yard sale. Normally I don't read much Dutch books, but I want to change that, so I picked up a book I've been meaning to read since for-ever. Language diversification, here I come! ;)

If you know a good indie bookstore somewhere in Belgium or know a book I maybe should buy, let me know in the comments!

Do a 365 days project

This one isn't going so well, mostly because I just don't have the time for making sketches. I've made about 30 sketches, I think, but then I got overwhelmed with other projects and sketching just slipped my mind. I think I will re-phrase this challenge to: make 365 sketches or drawings. This way when I have more free time later this year I can number all my individual sketches and drawings even if they're made on the same day. I also think this would still make a cool project and a nice collection.

Find a day planner that works for me

I've made myself a day planner and after almost three months I'm still very happy with it. I've put this planner together myself and wrote a DIY post about it a while ago.

Watch all the Star Wars movies (marathon style)

I've watched four of the six Star Wars movies, although I didn't marathon them. We've watched the first tree (Episode IV, V & VI) one after the other in February. I did enjoy them and we watched remastered versions so the special effects didn't look too shabby. We recently watched the fourth one (Episode I) and although I liked it when I was 12, I didn't like it this time. I'm not looking forward to seeing the other two movies...

Learn how to silk screen

I've learned how to silkscreen! I took me a while to write about it, but last Wednesday that blogpost finally went online. It's only in Dutch though, sorry! I really liked learning how to screenprint, both semi-automatic on print-screen machines and manual when we printed on textiles. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again somewhere in the future. I think it would be fun to come up with cool t-shirt designs or with a nice art-print (or maybe to print a whole mini-zine in one go! *ideas*).

I'm not doing too bad, I think, considering I've had two very busy months. I hope I can put a little bit more effort in my hobby's and my plans during my internship or at least afterwards during july and august. :)

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  1. Goed bezig!
    Tip voor een onafhankelijke boekhandel: Passa Porta in de Dansaertstraat in Brussel! Mengeling van Nederlandse, Engelse, Franse en Duitse boeken, dus taaldiversificatie for the win ;-)
    Ik ben nu een aantal blogs van jou op rij aan het lezen en ik had trouwens niet eens door dat het ene in het Engels en het andere in het Nederlands was. 't Is maar omdat je zelf schreef over je zeefdrukbericht dat het enkel in het Nederlands geschreven is, dat ik het plots besefte. Grappig hoe een mens zijn hoofd de ene taal zomaar inwisselt voor de andere; zal bij jou waarschijnlijk al helemaal het geval zijn als je dan nog eens in beide talen blogt!


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